Last update: 2013/09/23

We facilitate the process to understand more about oneself and the environment one is a part in a Friendly and Compassionate Culture of [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ] in Normative Excellence of whatever one is doing to benefit one and others.

The 'Normative Excellence' is driven by a deeper force of 'the Right Thing to do' or Prajna (Wisdom) which is cultivable to Change Oneself and the Environment one is a part toward a Right Direction. Have a Right Effort - being a Good Person in a wider perspective of the Right Living - in [ Plan <> Execute <> Feedback ] to partly Discover and partly Create the Real You[R10].

Discover and
Create the Real You

About BudhNet

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About BudhNet

Last update: 2013/09/23

BudhNet is the infrastructure of AwakeningBudh, providing each user a Free Private Network for 'Mindful Communications and Collaborations' to manage [ Owner / Admin / Contributor (Read-Write) / Friend (Read-Only) ] relationships. The facility comprises of snapshots of one's web-based activities building on top of Git distributed Version Control System (VCS) and proven Team Management for small or large system of a person or organization.

It adds Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics to the accumulated factual snapshots as supplemented hard evidences of 'knowing oneself and the environment one is a part' according to Sun Tzu 'the Art of War'. It deepens and widens 'the knowing oneself and the environment' in all activities with out-side-the-box Fresh Unconditioned View of 'Thing As It Is' and modern tools of [ Plan <> Execute <> Feedback ] driven by 'the Right Thing to do' to dynamically adjust one's Realities toward Actualities.

At client side, you have a Free MuWeb - custom to your email digital identity - from DBGROUPS to explore what most important at the Present Moment. The client is installed and upgraded over the BudhNet Cloud so you have the same App from all devices: lap-top, tablet, smart phone. Your 'Private Network' is a Service of BYO_ (Bring Your Own Device / Data / Cloud) strategy where you can be as privately as required.

Initially, there are four levels of Authorization: Owner, Admin, Contributor (Read-Write) and Friend (Read-Only). Public data do nor require authentication. There are named circles in each level of authorization that can be aggregated under the same Circle name e.g. Inner Circle. By default, any created item by the user is Personal with the user as the only owner. The owner adds other [ owners, admins, contributors (read-write) and friends (read-only) ] to the item. The item can be optionally encrypted in different spaces and strictly follow an enhanced Content Security Policy (CSP).

You manage your Private Network and App using public and private resources in your Web Activities. MuWeb is a specialized App of Relevant Activities where you can Drag-n-Drop relevant authorized services to your App according to what most relevant; everything is in your custom App.

If you are a provider, you can create similar endpoint services that others can Drag-n-Drop in their Private Application using an available template. For example, a 'Coffee Producer Association' creates templates for authorized accesses to their 20% value-adds in 'Big Data' collections and researches, based on 60% available required infrastructures of secured Cloud Endpoint Services. Members of the Association uses the templates to create an anchored page as a portal - where 80% of the build are already there - to orchestrate their web marketing activities and introducing special features of the products.

We do your custom portal to mashup data from different sources, including specialized data from Private Clouds. We directly connect user response to your internal Private Process. The Management of your Web Activities and Business Processes are under your Private Network. This is an excellent tool to create your secure Private Cloud running inside your network that uses the Best Technology for each specified job. The approach gradually replaces heavy platform with one set of standard technologies, independent from the selected partners, dictated by the organization's Private Business Process and external market forces outside its Private Domain.

Right Effort

Last update: 2013/09/23

Activity is a Sine Qua Non of Living. Behind any activity is an Innate Budh commonly known as the Buddha Nature to be Aware of the 'Self' and its Environment. Most of the time, we are Pushed and Pulled by activities from the beginning to the end of the life cycle that we wear different masks without a Conscious Living according to our True Heart. This life of many masks is fragmented, being both the cause and effect of Inner Conflicts and Outer Conflicts of Unsatisfied. Yet we do have the Innate Buddha Nature and Self-Awareness[D8] capable to know the 'Right' from the 'Unworthy' for a Worthy Existence. The sense of 'rightness' and 'wrongness' is casually known in the west as Conscience and cultivable.

Activity requires an effort. The 'Right Effort' can leverage modern Business Process, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) in formal [ Plan <> Execute <> Feedback ] to be more Aware of oneself and the present Activity that generates a win-win of 1 + 1 > 2 via Mindful Communications and Collaborations. In this Mindfulness, the Right Effort not only has hard-data real-time feedback for its own processes, but also the feedback to its target of 'Understanding the Issue' via Right Mindfulness[D9], and most important the invisible 'reborn' and 'rejuvenation' for a Freshness from Right Inner Peace[D10]. Following is a Process between [ Understanding the Issue ] of the Right Mindfulness and [ Right Effort ] applicable to any size of Project:

[ Understanding the Issue ] <> [ Setting Objectives, Value Proposition, Positioning, Planning, Executing, Feedback ]

In setting Objectives for a Right Effort, a basic Project Management centers around the Project/Task tracker to manage the project workflow and orchestrate multiple projects with their associated public releases (reports), milestones, tasks and features. Following is a 'Web-Hooked' workflow of a typical project fit for both cloud-based participants and/or batch via Task Queue, initiated by participants to securely and asynchronously invoke required Tasks to complete the process. The system is integrated with back-end Git distributed Version Control System (VCS) having proven record of Team Management to deliver the current Linux system.

Since it is a Web-Hook System, it can be governed and coordinated by different organizations, and completed by participants and/or robots from any where at any time. Mindful Communications and Collaborations are applicable in both intra and inter organizations of this complex Dependent Nature. Adding on this VCS are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced Analytics to link Instinct and Intelligence of the team Buddha Nature with Data: [ Instinct <> Data <> Intelligence ]. Here is a typical workflow assembled by users for a Nfp (Not-for-profit) Project.

The project can grow from low-cost simple use-case to Global Operations that deliver Measurable Results, Accountability and Transparency in Execution. It is a container of Processes, Plans, best practices, and current status of all projects managed by an organization. Depending on the complexity of each project, different services can be dynamically plugged in and/or custom assembled.

The workflow of Right Effort is targeted at the intersection of (1) the Why or the Right Thing to do, (2) the How or the Right Way to do, and (3) the What or Sweet Spot from one's Unique Comparative Advantages. The 'Why' is 'Understanding the Issue' out of seeing 'Thing As It Is' from Right Mindfulness[D9] which can be cultivated with Right Inner Peace[D10] and has direct feedback from the workflow of the Right Effort. To bring this Right Effort into the practicality of the Present Living, we develop required infrastructure of the three systems: (1) the front-end Social Web, (2) the back-end distributed VCS, (3) the Intelligence from AI and Analytics to discover Value of the Values from the tree structure of the VCS data.

Underlying infrastructure of the three systems needs to be significantly overhauled for the underlying 'Big Data' and specialized value-added based on the Cloud Endpoints. The front-end social web becomes a MuWeb universal client the user can configure Relevant Activities from available services that transcend user devices. The back-end is a synchronized ecosystem of Cloud Endpoints that provider can value add their unique contributions on top of available infrastructures and services.

The distributed Network is based on modern Business Process Management and Assessment Tools to enable wide-spread Right Effort to 'Discover and Create the Real You'[R10] - whether the 'You' is an individual or organization - that one can leverage and add values from one's unique angle of Worthy Existence:

  1. A Business Process system: Project, Value Proposition, Positioning, Project Plan, Resource Allocation, Feedback
  2. A Personal Development system: Personal Development, Personal Value, Professional Positioning, Plan, Priority, Assessment. This Personal Development system is linked to the above Business Process system such as JobPost, Expense reports, etc, to be a comprehensive Human Resources (HR) to be used by both individual and organizations of all sizes.

Behind these systems are BudhNet MuOmSunyata: Mu at distributed client side, Om at distributed server side independent of Cloud Platform-as-a-Service, and Sunyata manifested Prajna (Awareness) at different depths in the Science of Consciousness to drive the Right Inner Peace[D10], Right Mindfulness[D9], and Right Effort which is the reversed stability division of the Noble Path driven by Prajna in making a Right Living, helping the surroundings toward a Right direction (Action and Speech).


Last update: 2013/09/23

A Business system of Right Effort starts with [ Setting Objectives ] based on the Clarity of seeing 'Thing As It Is'. Following is a typical workflow of a Project Definition to apply Business Process Management in any size of the project. We use BudhNet as an example to eat our own food: [ Project > Value Proposition > Positioning > Project Plan > Resource Allocation > Feedback ].

  1. Target Market: Communications and Collaborations

    In Gartner’s annual survey of CIOs - 2,300 respondents located in 44 countries - the three-highest rated priorities for investment from 2012 to 2015 included Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI), Mobile Technologies and Cloud Computing. By excelling at the orchestration of analytics, cloud and mobile, enterprises can differentiate where it matters most – by delivering an excellent customer experience.

    'Business Process as a Service' (BPaaS) will grow from $84.1B in 2012 to $144.7B in 2016, generating a global compound annual growth rate of 15%. By 2015, about 24% of all new business software purchases will be of service-enabled software with SaaS ('Software as a Service') delivery being 13.1% of worldwide software spending. By 2013, 33% of business intelligence functionality will be consumed via handheld devices, and 15% of BI deployments will combine BI, collaboration and social software into decision-making environments. The cloud computing marketplace will reach $16.7B in revenue by 2013. By 2014, 30% of analytic applications will use in-memory functions to add scale and computational speed. In addition, 30% of analytic applications will use proactive, predictive and forecasting capabilities and 40% of spending on business Analytics will go to system integrators, not software vendors.

    We define Personal BI as the facilities within the BI environment that enable BI users to become more self-reliant to derive Value of the Values they currently have in their selected interests. Their personal and others' data - including huge amount of publicly available information - are there for sophisticated data mining and make the low level AI / BI processed sources available for further consuming and producing data from a wide range of user communities. A constant dialogue or feedback similar to the proven process in open-source software development is required for the Services being relevant and consistent with the democratizing of the AwakeningBudh. We see the cloud-based SaaS and BPaaS have 3 concentric circles: (1) Identity circle, (2) Service circle, and (3) Community circle.

    The Identity circle with Authentication / Authorization services have been played by major providers, currently having a huge database of registered users. These providers play against one another, locking user data within their systems and creating a tyranny situation of user accounts where information generated by the user efforts belong to them. From user perspective, one really needs Web Relationships and no surprised authorization for one application / identity / device accessing the resources under one's ownership while deciding when and how much information to be released to the site. Since social networks are Free, one continues to use but prefers to pull data from one's efforts as concrete Values to a central place under one's control to derive Value of the Values on the same footing as suppliers of the social networks. From the service provider perspective, one needs more user participation with minimum or no required user name and password. Both sides need better security for accessing and managing resources. In this cloud ecosystem of numerous players acting as both users and producers, standardized Authentication - Authorization such as OAuth2 (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter) is worthy to explore.

    We initially leverage Google user services for Single Sign On (SSO) authentication and OAuth2 (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter) for possible secure authorization to optionally centralized BYO_ strategy for BI. We provide - at standard level - Free Secure Private Network as a Hub to push out user web activities and pull user authorized resources for user's hard evidences and Key Performance Indicators from AI/BI to be more Aware of oneself and the environment at both organizational and personal levels with efficient [ Plan <> Execute <> Feedback ]. Via Google user services, any one having an account with Google or with OAuth2 providers such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, or OpenID providers such as Yahoo, AOL, WordPress, MySpace, flickr, VeriSign, PayPal, IBM, etc, can immediately be a unique BudhNet user with optional additional collected data as user pokes deeper into BudhNet MuOmSunyata system.

    The strategy is to leverage standards and available Authentication / Authorization services from established providers of user preference in their most used (preferred) Name and Password to instantly create - with minimum effort - a secure digital Identity Service. This identity has an associated user preferred working email. We enable user's normative Persona with a list of digital identities to enable collected data for optional application of custom Computational Knowledge Engine to know more about oneself and the environment one is a part, in Making Life Easier and Happier in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. If user working for a business, there is a legal issue needed to agreed upon who is the owner of the graph data generated by the digital identity and - if data belong to the company - whether the employee can own the summary of Key Performance Indicators for its own data mining.

    Building on top of the preferred Name and Password of the most used email, we use the normative Persona to replace all passwords except one associated with the email used to identify the owner. Hence user can have different emails for different Persona with SSO from the password associated with the email from different providers. Therefore, using the same Name and Password if available - otherwise attached with a selected number or a new one - the user has BudhNet name@budhnet.com, linked to the real email address owned by the user and served as the normative Persona main contact point. Each name@budhnet.com is a normative Persona working on different digital identities at different times. The user needs one password of the email to be authenticated by all sites. We will be a Relying Party - in early stage - for user authentication while constructing additional security such as user private/public keys for our secure BPaaS.

    User privacy is protected by putting the user's Business Process and/or Browser in the middle of the authentication process: the browser obtain credentials from the user's email provider, and then turns around and presents those credentials to a website; the email provider can't track the user, but websites can still be confident in the user's identity by cryptographically verifying the credentials. The infrastructure of BPaaS cryptography will be first served our private Business Processes, and ready when there is an economics to be an IdP (Identity Provider) under BudhNet.Com domain.

    The Community circle is still at industry-wide generic and crude level, played by major providers. There are rooms for serious Communities to leverage One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One which is either Free or very Affordable and ideal to democratize the AwakeningBudh which enables Right Relationships in Self-Respect and Respect Others thanks to the Innate Buddha Nature in every person, capable to know the Right and the Unworthy relevant to one's Present Moment. We ride on the industry efforts of AI / BI for monetary gains in the [ Mind + Sweat ] to add the 'Heart' dimension plus something Beyond to know more about oneself and the environment one is a part in a friendly and compassionate culture of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One. The strategy of this [ Heart - Mind -Sweat/Capital ] is to use the service middle layer to build serious community layers based on available Free Identity services out there.

    At the Service layer, we focus on Communications and Collaborations in the broadest sense that includes not only SaaS on your own Private Data in the Cloud from different providers but specialized consulting, training, boot camps, facilities and hand-on custom strategies, etc. All Living activities involve Communications and Collaborations, including Communications and Collaborations with oneself in Self-Awareness[D8] to know more about oneself and help Change the World in a Right Direction.

    The target is to leverage existing services which are many and very specialized, currently affordable only to top executives of major corporations to add on unique Specialized Services making it global and affordable to the mass that everyone can have his/her own value-adds to be a decent intelligent living person, equalize the playing field and be connected to more resourceful persons on equal footing of the AwakeningBudh. All these specialized services are still at the peripherals in the duality of the Observer and the Observed, trying to have an upper hand in one's unique Comparative Advantages.

    The more Fundamental Services are to know more about oneself and make happened one's potentialities while managing one's outdated Marks and/or wiping off some most critical hurdle. These services are precious discoveries of past great explorers in entire human history, but sabotaged and scammed by past organized religions. This is a revitalization of the Science of Consciousness, working in tandem with Analytics and custom Computational Knowledge Engine, and implementing by legitimate Business in the culture of [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ] that everyone can be a part. The sustainable activities in helping one and others may last beyond creators' life times.

    The strategy to facilitate knowing more about oneself and help Change the Environment in a Right Direction is based on the seven (7) principles of Right Relationships governing all organizations / environments to be part on one's vibrant Living Organism: (1) Dependent Nature, (2) Transparency, (2) Accountability, (4) Modern Technology, (5) Invisible Hand of Economics, (6) Best Governance, (7) Reflection to PrajnaTIP (Transcend Inner Peace). That strategy - using Invisible Hand of Economics in Doing Business (DBGROUPS) - relies on committed people of [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] to drive The Friendly and Compassionate Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings that enable the sustainable Business Services and Culture last beyond one's life time, while creating opportunities for everyone finding one's Woirthy Existence as a Good Person of Normative Economics.

  2. Market Segment: Mindful Communications and Collaborations.

    To narrow down the market segment for an immediate claim based on our unique Comparative Advantages of nearly 100% the market for allocating scare resources to What Count in one's Worthy Existence - Normative Economics - we add in the secret sauce of Right Mindfulness[D9] with the know-how and technology drawn from modern Personal and Corporate Development Workshops, many thousands years of human developments with established trails explored by Great Explorers of Human Consciousness Evolution, not yet comprehensively organized, in One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One, plus esoteric methods scrutinized under scientific processes (including Transparent Management, Accountable Finance, Modern Technology, invisible hand of Economics and best-practiced Governance) to address Four Major Issues:

    1. The divergence between 'Reality' (which is what one sees) and 'Actuality' (Thing As It Is) creates conflicts and sufferings.

    2. 'Binding Word' and 'Clinging Thought' pull and push one's activities toward accumulated 'ignorance' to continuously making the same mistakes due to Not Knowing one's True Heart. Precisely, how can one know with Clarity the signals of the senses and the 'state' of one's being for an 'Insight' into an optimal Action? Alternatively, what facilitate the Clarity and Insight to know the 'Right' from the 'Unworthy' for appropriate action in any encounter?

    3. The above two issues lead to conflicting relationships even within oneself (Personal) or Inner Conflicts, and Outer Conflicts with family (Private), working career (Professional), and social life (Public) that we carry so many masks; none of the mask is according to our True Self. Yet deep in the True Heart and/or in some moment of inspiration, we know beyond all logical arguments One is Not Different from the Whole.

    4. The Right Relationships based on the Righteous Heart is rare, even within the same family and blood relationships. It is the Right Relationships together with one's Right Effort can beneficially carry on in one's Continuity of the Consciousness for a Worthy Existence to consciously cultivate one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles. The 'self' having a sense of an agent is only a concept (not Actuality) to describe the Continuity of the Consciousness whose qualities can be cultivated at the Present Moment.

    The added Mindfulness to Communications and Collaborations inject to the Project Effort a Clarity and Insight to Understand the Issue[D9], enhanced via modern Personal and Corporate Development Workshops, and a Freshness from Right Inner Peace[D10] via Prajna TIP (Transcend Inner Peace)[D39]. There is no need to explain the Value Proposition of this Market Segment since it directly addresses the Pain Points of a Worthy Existence. We do need concrete deliverable results that everyone can participate and have value-adds on his/her angle of sustainable solutions. In this market segment, we leverage Cloud Services to popularize many traditional and proven modern techniques and services through Not-for-Profit (NfP), CoOp, Club, CoPub, LifeStyle, Human Resources, etc.

  3. Stakeholders:

    BudhNet.Org is the major share holder with simple message to Change the World toward a Friendly and Compassionate Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings. The founder donates 100% to the Cause, not taking a single share for private use. Other stakeholders are Share Holders, Partners, Employees, Supporters and Friends working toward the target of 'knowing oneself and the environment one is a part in a friendly (Maitreya) and compassionate (Avalokiteshvara) Culture of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One'.

    It is the Culture of [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] in 'Normative Excellence' of whatever one is doing to benefit one and others. Subsequent businesses start from this model where 60% are driven by [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] for sustainable 40% in new opportunities and/or Nfp. This new business model will speed up the Friendly and Compassionate Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings into a sustainable Actuality of Worthy Existence for One and the World where One is a part in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. It is the Culture where everyone has an opportunity to be a Change Agent, fully responsible for one's actions and the environment one is a part, running by local people relevant to their local environment while being competitive in the World Market for more efficient allocation of scare resources according to Normative Economics of the Right Thing to do.

  4. Benefits:

    Besides the benefits of being the Torch Carriers of the AwakeningBudh and Worthy Networking in Inner Circle and circles of inner circles that no amount of money can buy, the financial Return On Investment (ROI) is targeted at sufficiently High Risk - High Return before the IPO, achievable via both deliverable milestones and targeted Value Propositions so many more can be a part of the action to make the Movement sustainable beyond one's life time.

  5. Capability:

    • Value-added Technology with distributed Supports and Services as a foundation to establish a Compassionate Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings and an Awareness in the Science of Consciousness.
    • Massively and quickly scalable solutions from few hundreds to millions of users in a short time, facilitating each user a claimed spot in Internet Global Market.
    • Private Network as a Free default to be a secure personal hub for managing all web activities connected to other services: intimate conversation, vision showcase, public debate, etc.
    • Capable to turn the user massive available data from all activities into information of [ Plan <> Execute <> Feedback ], and inject into that Intelligent System a sense of 'What Count' in discovering Value of the Values to enable the person or organization identify the Sweet Spot defined as the intersection of (1) the Right Thing to do, (2) the Right Way to do, and (3) one's Comparative advantages of the circular circle of [ Plan <> Execute < > Feedback ].

  6. Features:

    • Off-line/On-line services accessible via browser clients of popular digital devices anywhere any time.
    • Rapidly adaptable with cloud-based evolving technologies.
    • Program accessible to major social networks such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
    • A sustainable foundation that everyone can be a part as both a consumer and producer to add some unique value to relevant domains.

  7. Architecture and Products:

    Use open-source functional programming in code as data, together with appropriate proven technologies underlying standard Html-5, JavaScript, CSS client Services. Mu technology is at client side with Om distributed cloud endpoint services at server side, orchestrated by secure Messaging Services Gateway of enterprise-grade Event Bus. The infrastructure serves and is driven by people exploring Mindful Communications and Collaborations in consuming and producing of What count. Products are linked to allocating resources for Execution and Marketing/Sales system which will be open source and available services for more value-adds from specialized domain experts. The process of Application development, deployment, operation and evolution will be proven by BudhNet and used in Business Process as a Service (BPaaS):

    • 7.1   Agile Project Management.
    • 7.2   [ Dart, GitHub, most productive PaaS ] selected as a Right Productivity Platform.
    • 7.3   Deployment process: GitHub > PaaS > Mobile Apps.
    • 7.4   Mobile Apps of modern Web Technologies and Dart.
    • 7.5   Web-hooked Project Management in BPaaS to improve Collaboration from development, deployment, operation and evolution having performance monitoring and application diagnostics.
    • 7.6   Agile methodology to embrace changes with feedback mechanism in distributed development, user feedback, and priority.
    • 7.7   Great user experience to simplify and value-add to enable user more understanding of oneself and the environment one is a part. It is the deepening and widening Sun Tzu 's 'The Art of War' with Pieces of Truth picked up by other great explorers[D7] to be ready for the contribution of all.
    • 7.8   Facilitating each user being an Agent of Changes to identify one's sweet spot to change oneself and the surroundings toward a Right Direction.

    The process is in the reversed order of Sun Tzu 'know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss' into 'Know Yourself and the environment you are in so you can choose the battle to Change yourself and the environment toward the Essence of the Right Living for your and others Continuity of the Consciousness to win the War of Worthy Existence'.

    [ development > deployment > operation > feedback > ]
    <> [ Deepening the Art of War > Agent of Changes ]

Parallel to the massive Data-to-Intelligence system of AI/BI, the Personal Development - HR System - is another application of Right Effort to apply proven Assessment Tools to Skill Development including Leadership and Negotiation Skills.

Value Proposition

Last update: 2013/09/23

The most Significant and Novel Value BudhNet brings to the table is the practical applications of one's Innate Self (Real) Awareness[D8], capable of knowing what Best for one's Worthy Existence both at the Present Moment and in wider perspective of one's Continuity of the Consciousness that everyone can be a part via one's unique Value Adds. Practical applications in any encountered activity (whether that activity is a personal reflection, an aspiration, or a communication / collaboration with others) are centred around its Visible Prajna and Invisible Sunyata as shown in the graph to drive one's Volition (Sankhara) in the Change Dynamics of one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

These practical applications ride on pieces of Truth picked up by Great Explorers of the past, connecting them together in a scientific (observable, testable and reproducible) framework to introduce advanced Consciousness Technologies with switches to move from activities to Utter Silence in Non-Duality of No-Conflict Inner Peace for rejuvenation. They ride on the Tidal Shift of Cosmic energy to enable most enter and go beyond 'the Gateway to Oneness' or 'the kingdom of God [is] within you'[Luke 17:21] without falling into the trap of the Grasp-er and the Grasped of the addicted fanatics.

The accountable consequences under natural law of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes to impose the centralized fanatic one-way 'Faith that can move the mountain'[Matthew 17:20] of the Roman Catholic Church to crush the inside Conscience can be seen in tracing out events from [ Christianity > Knights Templar Banking (from both exoteric and esoteric teaching) > Secrete Societies > the New World Order ] that has sucked billions lives into an Abyss of Sufferings until the involved parties[R17.1] can awaken their Consciousness which cannot be destroyed but Transformed.

At the technology side, BudhNet adds the Social Interface to the front of Git distributed Version Control System (VCS) and proven Team Management, plus AI/BI to derive Value of the Values from Git accumulated data according to functional programming where atomic individual decisions (inside order) float up to form the aggregate market forces (outside order). Stakeholders flock together to have significant impact on the aggregate; there is a need of Right Relationships and effective tools in Personal and Group Strategic Thinking. Transparency and monetary/legal Accountability are part of modern tools which by themselves are not enough since the 'unfair' players having sufficient power can impose their dominant forces acquired through whatever means to impose master-slave relationships to the mass. There is always a need of imperative decision for efficiency similar to functional and imperative programming or the government role to assure the working of competitive forces in modern industrial organization.

By integrating the wider perspective of accountability, not only in terms of monetary/legal consequences, but also the longer consequences of Conscience (Prajna) according to Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction the system of MuOmSunyata supports and facilitates Personal and Group Strategic Thinking via Right Mindfulness[D9] in a wider perspective of Normative Excellence which is driven by 'the Right Thing to do' of 'Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital' of whatever one is doing to benefit One and Others. One is fully responsible for one's actions and the environment one is a part.

The ability to know what Best demands a Clarity to understand the Issue of what important and relevant, and Insight into possible solution of normative decision between the 'Right' or the 'Unworthy' in wider perspective of existence, and even expanding toward thousands years in the future. The Insight comes from Right Inner Peace[D10] to enable the infusion of something outside the boxes of all involved parties, represented in the 'white' patch 'C' around the encountered points. The Clarity come from 'Seeing Thing As It Is' to 'Understand the Issue' via Right Mindfulness[D9] for a win-win solution of 1 + 1 > 2 in the 'gold' patch 'A', plus hidden concerns / reservations / attractions represented in the 'green' patch 'B'. The Right Mindfulness to understand the Issue has positive Real Time feedback from Right Effort to drive daily activities which are continuously 'reborn' and 'rejuvenated' via the Hồn Nhiên, an outcome of the Right Inner Peace.

For the Clarity, we (1) popularize via Free and Affordable high quality corporate and personal developments with our cloud-based Software-as-a-Service, (2) facilitate an environment to consciously build Worthy Relationships in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles, (3) enable domain experts build their value added services on top of BudhNet infrastructures, services and communities, (4) leverage existing infrastructures from wide ranges of partners into a sustainable and well-organized unit of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One.

Once the IT infrastructure is in place for Artificial Intelligence using functional programming of code as data, we add on the Clarity the foundation of Normative Economics, a Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings and deeper Awareness in the Science of Consciousness. Science in its rigorous processes at theoretical level, empirically verifiable, and practical applications (similar to electricity) will be a Convergent Path to unify and qualify Natural Laws discovered in thousands years of human endeavour, but mystified to be cheated by organized religions in its promoted master-slave relationships, rather than Right Relationships of Good (loving-kindness) Persons (Samaritans) in Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings.

The foundation for these to happen is the most cost effective and efficient services capable to compete on its own merits in the market place, leveraging proven maturity of competing high risk technologies in delivering the specified services.

Building that foundation based on dynamically evolving best-of-the-breed available technologies and services together with our 'secrete sauce' of Mindful Communications and Collaborations for 'Right Speech' and a complete system of 'Right Living' in one's 'Continuity of the Consciousness', we position BudhNet at the higher layer of practical evolutionary applications, not at revolutionary technology changes. The emphasis is in the Execution and Building Communities of Mindful Communications and Collaborations that everyone can be a part on this icing to further add one's own value in One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One based on the Significant and Noble Value BudhNet brings to the table in terms of mental development for the Clarity and Insight of practical solutions. The technologies will be open source in phases to lower the cost of entries in the mass market for BudhNet supporting / consulting / integration businesses, while protecting comparative advantages of the sponsors.

Once we have technology foundation reasonably in place, a Personal Development system - Human Resources (HR) of available templates will be jointly developed with a number of identified partners currently running their specialized workshops for CEO to centralize these services into sustainable communities, self-maintained and regulated by the community consumers and producers. This Personal Development system grows into a comprehensive HR system used by both individual and organizations of all sizes. Similarly, a large scale of Data-to-Intelligence system will be jointly developed via templates, work-flows, data mining for pattern recognition and Strategic Decisions in AI/BI, and continuous Execution Strategy with identified partners such as Marketing-Sales system, Public and Investor Relation system, Web community activities. What we bring to the table is the application of Semantic Programmable Web to make sense of collected data through available Programmable Webs plus custom Right Effort for targeted Unique Comparative Advantages.

The Clarity process will actualize sustainable cloud-based services in Canada with off-shore supporting infrastructures, to be ready for second round of financing to enter the US market. To facilitate this financing round, the books to introduce practical aspects of Normative Economics in DIY Private Cloud will be available to ride on Free Cloud services at entry levels, enabling most people having a stake in the new era of Consciousness Revolution, together with Nfp projects initiated by concerned producers and consumers having Payment Services for donation, sponsorship, project management and ownership.

Parallel to the US market penetration, mental development for the Clarity and Insight of possible solutions will be introduced at 7 layers to fulfil the purpose of 'Education' which may include successes and failures in one's Continuity of the Consciousness of the past and life-after-life toward a Worthy Existence via the application of (1) Transcendental Tranquillity gateway to Oneness, (2) Equanimity Mind to 'loosen the Grip of Binding Words', and (3) Purity Mind to 'loosen the Grip of Clinging Thoughts':

  1. Transcendental Mind using selected sound optimized for the participant, together with public forum to share experience, best practices and community activities to operationally detect optimized vibration between the selected sound and the participant's psychological profile. This state of directly knowing the 'Non-Duality of No-Conflict' or 'the kingdom of God [is] within you'[Luke 17:21] - based on the solid foundation of 'Detachment-Born' - establishes the first layer of relationship between the initiator and the participant via Mu pages with emphasis in the understanding of the natural process of Hồn Nhiên, having casual introduction to Esoteric Aspiration and Loving-Kindness Cultivation. User Private Network of one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles, provided by BudhNet, is the essential tool.
  2. Initiated Mind - Initiation to the (Maitreya) Friendly and (Avalokiteshvara) Compassionate Culture designed for the initiated from the first layer, either ready to drop the selected sound or unable to directly experience a Transcendental Mind. The initiated must have at least 6 months in exploring the Transcendental Mind. Via this Initiation, each initiated has 2 Counsellors for private consultation. This Initiation digs deep into the process of Esoteric Aspiration and Loving-Kindness Cultivation to assure that the initiated has direct experience of Transcendental Mind on the Detachment-Born foundation of the first observable attribute of the Right Inner Peace. This direct experience at 'the Gate Way to Thing As It Is' (Tathagata as explicitly stated in Lankavatara Sutra) is very Precious that most claimed meditation masters cannot even touch. Many past advanced practitioners and founders of major religions were degenerated due to the confusion of Essence in the required base, measurable with the two outcomes of the Right Inner Peace (Samadhi): (1) Detachment-Born and (2) Hồn Nhiên. Addicted pattern manifested via the Grasper and the Grasped of higher achievable states will sooner or later bring practitioners to a downfall as we esoterically observe from many highly evolving entities in the collapse of the God / Bodhisattva / Buddha Feudal System.
  3. Community organizer and participants, opened to all initiated or uninitiated to emphasize on Community Support and PrajnaVihara activities. There will be numbers of approved organizing activities to emphasize on (1) Esoteric Aspiration where real values of established religions and philosophies can float up, (2) Intensive Clarity and Insight training of Self (Real) Awareness[D8] that includes thousands years of mental, energy and physical developments from different cultures and techniques, (3) Loving-Kindness activities in Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings, (4) One-on-One consultations and workshops to apply proven technologies toward a dominant issue, (5) Travel facilities to be part of a wider network, (6) Local and cultural activities, (7) Scholastic High Education. Organizers are Initiateds to share their Right Efforts and make worthy services sustainable beyond their life times.
  4. Equanimity Mind - Initiation into Advanced Consciousness-Only and Consciousness Rewinding Technology. Each initiated at this level has 3 counselors for private consultations and supports that form one's Inner Circle. Minimum requirements to be an initiated are (a) solid experience of Tranquility with glimpses of Equanimity, Purity, Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness, Sunyata Nothingness and beyond, (b) proficiently pass the second layer to be suggested by the 2 existing counselors and personally approved by the third counselor. Counselors (Initiators) of the Transcendental Mind and Initiated Mind must be a qualified initiated of this Equanimity Mind. The initiated applies advanced Consciousness-Only and Consciousness Rewinding Technology on his/her selected issue as his/her thesis, equivalent to a Master thesis. The thesis is passed through the certification from the three counselors that the initiated (a) has actually known the Equanimity third observable attribute of meditation, (b) has demonstrated some degree of loosening the Grips of 'Binding Words', (c) has some contribution beneficial to oneself and others.
  5. Purity Mind - Deepening the Advanced State with Consciousness-Only Rewinding Technology to be certified for the Purity and beyond, and/or solve one's major dominant issue. Similar to the Advanced Layer of Equanimity Mind, the initiated applies Consciousness Rewinding to his/her selected issue as his/her thesis, equivalent to a Ph.D. thesis, a positive contribution to the Science of Consciousness.

    The minimum requirements to be an initiated in Purity Mind are (a) the recommendation of the three counselors in the Equanimity Mind, plus (b) four more counselors recommended by the first three counselors and accepted by the candidate to form a quorum of 7 counselors of one's Inner Circle. The initiated at this level is a qualified initiator of the Equanimity Mind. The thesis is passed through the certification from the seven counselors that the initiated (a) has actually known the Purity of Utter Silence, (b) has demonstrated some degree of loosening the Grips of 'Binding Thoughts', (c) has significant contribution beneficial to oneself and others.

    Initiateds in Equanimity and Purity Mind help run BudhNet development program. Besides the exoteric structure, one is introduced into the Esoteric Circle of the Sealed Mind in progressive manner starting from the Initiation to the (Avalokiteshvara) Compassionate Culture for the Continuity of one's Consciousness, then to the (Maitreya) Friendly Universal Culture that one can personally verify in the Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness of the Universal Mind. The process is necessary to support one's evolution. It is contrary to a common belief from Hindu and Buddhist practices that 'spiritual advancement' is linear, and that once entering the stream one cannot be degenerated. The evolution is circular just like progress in meditation, and dependent on the initiated current mental / energy / physical conditions just like practitioners of Chi-Kung. Unless one is well established in actual 'Emptiness' in one's mental, energy and physical form, it is very easy to go astray due to the Grasp-er and the Grasped.

    Certification of Actual Experiencing certain observable attributes of the signed posts does not mean the ability to effortlessly enter the said attributes. It only means that the initiated has actually experienced at least once the signed post. Without the Detachment-Born foundation of the first observable attribute and the True ComPassion in the Compassionate Cultivation, the more power one has the faster one can be degenerated with an Unworthy Motivation, called Ignorance. The cycle of evolution then degeneration is very severe and real. Besides the Right Mindfulness in the foundation of Friendly and Compassionate Culture, one always needs supporting net from one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles in one's Continuity of the Consciousness life-after-life.

  6. Regional Governors to Execute and Set the program Strategy. It is appointed in a seven-year term, voted by BudhNet Fellows, Members of the Purity and Equanimity Mind.
  7. BudhNet Fellows to assure BudhNet Vision - Mission - Execution have required depth and quality to drive the proposed Science of Consciousness.

Through PrajnaTIP, especially the initiation to the Compassionate Culture to assure direct experiencing the Gate Way to Oneness, one will know much more about oneself, be more Aware of one's True Heart and Instinct to leverage accumulated experience for a Right Effort of this life's Worthy Existence. The certification of Equanimity and Purity lies solely on the bottom line of Actual Living, beyond words and thoughts that uses words and thoughts to describe it. In this sense, it is the recorded manifestation of Prajna and the attempt to make that instant manifestation beneficial in Actual Living, very much different from existing Master and PhD theses which are mostly based on existing knowledge at thought level. Any thing outside-the-box beyond thought is reserved for Nobel Prize. Based on what we learn from the collapse of God / Bodhisattva / Buddha Feudal System, the correct Science of Consciousness is very precious for one's and others' evolution. We hope many can join to enable Prajna in daily activities, a Right outcome of Seeing Thing As It Is from the ComPassion around any Intensity of Attention point of activities. Prajna University may be a possibility to be explored at the Right Time since Prajna is the core of all Right Efforts for one's Worthy Existence.

Parts of these concrete applications are required facilities and services of PrajnaVihara, a Pure Land of the Present Moment having favorable conditions in cultivating the AwakeningBudh for the manifestation of Worthy Existence (Sat) in SatChitSunyata (or a phonetic change of Sat from Saddharma-pundarika) that requires Chit (Consciousness) to 'Understand the Issue' of all activities deep rooted in Sunyata, the source of all things. The copyright© and registered® trade marks are for the protection and orderly development of these facilities and services that require allocation of scarce resources for researches and application prototypes.


Last update: 2013/09/23

From 'the Art of War', positioning is the first and important step to successfully build BudhNet and required infrastructure to democratize the AwakeningBudh. There are two sides of BudhNet: the Awakening and the Technology sides. Here, we lay out the positioning in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) which is a sustainable vehicle to drive the positioning of AwakeningBudh (Consciousness Evolution).

A high-level bird view of the AwakeningBudh 'Why', 'How' and 'What' is first introduced as a Book[D11] that you can help to generate required momentum for the unique Comparative Advantages on the roadmap to Change oneself and the environment one is a part toward a Right Direction. Available scare resources allocated to positioning the AwakeningBudh will start at the 'How' technology to be naturally reborn and rejuvenated in a Cluster of Open Innovation to widen the market of Normative Economics, preparing for 1% to 7% human population direct experiencing the Non-Duality of No-Conflict actually known by the (real) Jesus 'the kingdom of God [is] within you'[Luke 17:21] without the grasp-er and the grasped of a religious fanatic in 'Faith that can move the mountain'[Matthew 17:20].

Integrating the Consciousness and Technology sides via legitimate and sustainable business in a culture of [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ] will facilitate the process of transforming most people closer to an Integrated Person. That integration enables individual turn difficulties and burdens into opportunities and potentialities to be fully responsible for one's actions and the environment one is a part. The environment - either as a private family, professional team, social circle, community, country, humanity and World - is one's PrajnaVihara where one can cultivate to know more about oneself ('you are in part discover and in part create the Real You'[R10]). Supporting and facilitating Personal and Group Mindful Strategic Thinking are the targets.

The client-side Mu is built as a browser App of configurable required data and processes of relevant activities, wrapped over with Pages of connecting processes and Gadgets which are simple stand-alone Services. User can custom assemble:

  1. a web-hooked Workflow having required processing logic, Business Intelligence and Analytic.
  2. a custom app of relevant consuming and producing activities.
  3. a secure centralized data processing hub where the owner can privately own the accumulated data and/or share with the community to enable private data as a part of community aggregate data.
  4. a Command Center to communicate and collaborate with counter parts.

The server-side Om is a Cluster of distributed Cloud Endpoint Services in a Gateway of Messaging Services via secure publish/subscribe Event Bus with on-demand AI/BI riding on other providers' services such as [ Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ] for building custom App and hosting services, [ YouTube, Calendar, Gmail ] integration and processing services with [ GitHub / Blogger / Drive ], and [ AI/BI, RDF ] processing.

Core Integrated Technologies are in the synchronization, acting as (1) a Personal Spoke connecting to OffLine/OnLine personal services, (2) a Secure Spoke connected to provider's hub of selected service, and (3) a Private Network to raise Networking and Activities into a Global Business.

Specifically, semantic technology via functional programming is used to develop

  1. Dashboard or Snapshot of [ Plan <> Execute <> Feedback ] to efficiently manage what one focuses at the Present Moment. The system minimum features are:

    (1.1) Generic [code/data] of custom [App as collections of pages, Gadgets, Community, Location, Language].

    (1.2) Off-line HTML local storage acting as a snapshot of its on-line version.

    (1.3) Auto Sync with BudhNet Cloud.

    (1.4) Optional data encryption with 2-factor Authentication, managed by smart phone.

    (1.5) Two-way sync with GitHuh, Blogger, Calendar, YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn.

    (1.6) Authorized data collections for better AI/BI in [Plan <> Execute <> Feedback].

  2. Page templates: Blog, Web, Club, Payment.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide synchronization and pattern detection of past snapshots, plus Simple to Sophisticated scenario simulations.
  4. Custom [code/data] in the cycle of [ Plan <> Execute <> Feedback ] for users, organizations, issues, etc.

The target is a Friendly and Compassionate Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings using Business as a driving force to know more about oneself and help Change the World in a Right Direction.

Project Plan

Last update: 2013/09/23

Based on the Objectives of the Project either from Clarity and Insight of What Counts or 'the Right Thing to do', Project Plan is The Right Way to Do or the Best Way to achieve the Project Objectives - the Right Thing to do - based on one's Unique Comparative Advantages.

The capability of massively and quickly scalable solutions from few hundreds to millions of users in a short time can only meet with cloud-based infrastructure and efficiently evolve with fast evolving Technology to run across platforms and devices. Google infrastructure, tools and services are front runner and have been tried for the Project entry point due to its proven solutions, maturity, available world-wide developers, and minimum efforts in the most cost effective way to have the project up and running. Due to Open Sources and competitions, Google is not the only player. There are different available best options according to the Project short and long term targets.

Private Network and secure personal hub require Optional Encryption of contents and HTTPS transport, together with back-end sophisticated Authentication-Authorization. These features are strategic and expanded into deeper services of Security Requirements in the Programmable Web to put a stake into our claimed territory. The services will be immediately integrated with Google+ for networking, and Blogger for converting Blogger free services into higher-value affordable services for both paid users and sponsors. On-line data contains only snapshots of the current version and AI/BI processed information. Past data are in Git distributed Version Control System (VCS).

Right Mindfulness[D9] for 'the Right Thing to do' with systematic approach in Right Effort of [Plan <> Execute <> Feedback] in 'the Right Way to do' and 'Unique Comparative Advantages' to be re-born and rejuvenated in Right Inner Peace[D10] is our Unique Value Add and Sustainable Services in democratizing the AwakeningBudh[D11], commonly known as the innate Buddha Nature in every person, capable of making its own decision of the Right and the Unworthy relevant to one's Present Moment.

We leverage and scientifically formalize thousands years of proven techniques from Intelligent Search for a Worthy Existence into the Science of Consciousness as a body of teachable knowledge of Right Mindfulness and Right Inner Peace (Samadhi) to direct 'the Right Thing to Do'. The Right Effort of [ Plan <> Execute <> Feedback ] enables instantaneous dynamic control feedback for the Right Effort itself and also the high level 'Right Thing to Do' from the Right Mindfulness and Right Samadhi as the bottom-line hard evidence of Performance Review. This 'hard evidence of Performance Review' enables the change of both Data (lesson learned) and Structure (behaviour pattern) to turn both data and structure - code-as-data - into components for the 'next moment' [ Plan <> Execute <> Feedback ].

In this complex Dependent Nature to see 'Thing As It Is', activities of each intelligent agent generate certain effects on the Whole system which also influences the agent's actions toward certain mathematically model-able patterns. The system has the ability to turn the user massive available data from all activities into information to facilitate the intelligent person efficiently manage one's snapshot (most relevant to the Present Moment) and know more about oneself from one's True Heart to make intelligent and rational decisions in important activities. One's actions will affect the overall performance of the Whole System toward a Worthy Existence that all players in the system can be a part which affect one's volitional formation. That is the meaning of Democratizing the AwakeningBudh and is doable, riding on World Efforts in Semantic Programmable Web. The doable is at the Right Time both in terms of 'the Right Way to Do' directed by the 'Right Thing to Do' to weed out the Ignorance of Master-Slave Relationships driven by the Grasp-er and the Grasped, moving toward the new Evolution of the Consciousness (the Budh Era) where one's Continuity of the Consciousness of a Worthy Existence is a part.

Our 'Unique Comparative Advantages' are potential nucleus and seed to attract other Like-Mind to enable the AwakeningBudh happened which may last far beyond our present life time and Worthy Relationships in our Continuity of the Consciousness.

The Project has been evolved from Executive Information Portal brewed since the retirement of the founder (1996), privately sponsored in August 2000 by an energy company - Devon - in Canada, and continued into a Research Project partially supported by Canadian SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Design) approved for 2001 - 2005, extended 5 more years into 2006 - 2010. The 5-year plan 2011-2015 of 'Mindful Communications and Collaborations' is also approved. The founder, retired from his money making job since 1996 to dedicate both personal and financial resources to this project, has worked on Google cloud-based technologies right from its beginning.

What we need to concern is the ability to quickly move to other infrastructure and tools if required and for later world-wide operation to own one's sustainable infrastructure and add-on technology if it happens. This insurance is most likely achievable with open source platform compared to other alternatives due to maturity of related open sources such as Hadoop and open-source software systems such as the newly announced Google Dart, GitHub and Persona - a completely decentralized and secure authentication system for the web. We take the best web development technologies proven by others together with the most popular standard web technologies such as HTML-5, JavaScript, CSS to develop our business.

This strategy seems to be correct and relevant to our ambitious project to use the best available services and scare resources, consistent with the present situation and in-line with the project horizon. With competition of Cloud Platform as a Services (PaaS), the project developed using GitHub distributed version control and the best PaaS can be adapted to other competitive Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), etc. AppScale is a dedicated open source of GAE; it enables execution of GAE applications on Virtualized Cluster system, using their own cluster with probably greater scalability and reliability than GAE. It is fit for both in-house development secure Cloud and public Cloud while retaining flexibility to move to other commercialized Clouds if required. Similar to GitHub - commercialized from Git - there are also some active plans of Cloud hosting services fully integrated with GitHub. Google service is only one of optional scenarios. The bottom line is that once developed we can adapt to the best available services consistent with our plan horizon to ride on the world competitive efforts with minimum risk.

  1. Requirement Analysis:

    The specified features are (1) Off-line/On-line native client App, accessible via popular devices anywhere any time, (2) Rapidly adaptable with cloud-based evolving technologies, (3) Program accessible to major social networks such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, and (4) Networking via Private and Secure Inner Circle and circles of inner circles for a sustainable foundation that everyone can be a part as both a consumer and producer to add some unique value to one's relevant domains.

    [HTML-5, JavaScript, CSS] as specified in the Project architecture and products, is the core presentation technology for both Off-Line / On-Line services. We prototype a page View with user assembled HTML-5 functional fragments of required features. HTML-5 storage is the layer between Off-Line and On-Line services relevant to the user, automatically synchronized its content with server-side for scale-able massive processing of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One. Since IndexedDB - a larger off-line storage - is supported by modern browsers, including IE-10, we develop the off-line storage on IndexedDB with a fallback on browser storage. Mu technology is at client side with Om distributed services at cloud endpoint server sides, driven by participants cultivating their Mindfulness (Prajna) in daily activities enabling via MuOmSunyata. These systems are linked to allocating resources for domain-specific Execution and Marketing/Sales of the products / services.

  2. Architecture:

    Mu technology

    After reviewing Google+ and its behind the scene technologies based on functional programming JavaScript (Clojure, Google Dart, Microsoft TypeScript), it is worth while to seriously prototype Mu technology based on standards HTML-5, JavaScript and CSS-3. Our current thinking is that beyond Chrome Packaged App - built on top of native OS - HTML-browser App is the right choice, capable to produce commercialized deliverable in the next two (2) years. It is evolving dynamic technology to ride on tremendous efforts from the industry toward a Semantic Programmable Web that is absolutely required for our Vision.

    We re-write all services based on GWT (Google Web Toolkit) into Clojure code-as-data software structure using Google Dart and its Libraries, Compiler, Tools. The open-source 'Dart', a new programming language designed to leverage proven benefits from passed languages in massively scale-able web development, is designed for the whole range of devices on the web such as phone. tablet, laptop, server, etc. It is still too early to say anything about Dart, but we intend to leverage this technology to make it work with standard HTML-5 and JavaScript due to the fact that Google 'Closure' templates are converting to Dart for structural web development. Several features in Dart specifications such as Isolate, a unit of concurrency, security and application having built-in constructor to inject required services in a 'Process', directly match our conceptual 'soft-spoke' to connect user Private Hub to the counter part for a transaction. The 'code-as-data' functional programming pioneered by 'Clojure' will be our core focus using Dart and its major enhancements such as web components.

    At client-side, Mu is the core for other clients to add their specialized client and server services. The core Mu is based on Dart to model Activities and Places. Each HTML5 page is a RIP (Rich Interface Page) assembled from pre-built templates, relevant to the page content. Gadgets become smaller Dart Apps, as value added contributions to the community.

    A standard page has integration points to Blogger, Drive, GitHub, YouTube, having UI, page template and CRM. People can start Free from Blogger / Drive / GitHub / YouTube, and pull contents into a page which can be published as an E-Book. Other cloud endpoints are Hub, Invest, Club, CoOp, Team, Hr, etc. They are built on Mu to use its UI, template infrastructure and CRM.

    Om technology

    Om is a central core distributed services using best available PaaS Cloud infrastructure. It uses standard Persona and OAuth2 authentication and authorization as the base to add its own AAS (Authentication-Authorization service) and CRM (contact relation management) as its centralized back-end BudhNet services to be connected with other back-end services. We ride on industry standards such as Portable Contacts (http://portablecontacts.net), Activity Streams (http://activitystrea.ms), HTML-5, Resource Description Framework (RDF), Programmable Web, etc, to create a core software platform MuOmSunyata and maintain its evolving technologies in terms of security, usability from collected data to information, predictability with agile Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Analytics. As a part of Community riding on this platform, we add values on specialized domains to encourage more partners and friends joining the AwakeningBudh. Two Organizations have been created in GidHub dbgroups and budhnet for this purpose. BudhNet Tetrahedron Services via awakeningbudh (Mu, Om), prajnamadhyamaka (plan, hr), prajnatip (service), prajnavihara (hub, bi) are version controlled via GitHub pushed to App Engine for dynamic services.

    Behind the scene massive Data-to-Intelligence system of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) enable Mu page at client-side amass and transform user activities into targeted information from six different areas: Mindful Communication, Collaboration, Mobility, Analytic, Cloud Computing, Social Networks. Mindful Communication is the communication with oneself and/or with others where the same rigorous [ Plan <> Execute <> Feedback ] is applied to dynamically identify and adjust one's Sweet Spot as above graphically represented. It drives Collaboration, Mobility, Analytic, Cloud Computing and Social Networks toward a Normative Economics of 'What Count'. Mu page with its Nimble Portal of data and processes add disciplined IT approach to collect required activities, and transform data into information for a Single Source of Truth while highlighting the three priorities:

    1. Analytic to available formally defined data in programmable web.
    2. Access data through formal user assembled tools in Mu pages and gadgets, and through Spreadsheets for ad hoc pivotal table and analyses.
    3. Communication and Collaboration based on data KPI.

    Each user is both a consumer and producer, and can play many roles in all economic activities.

  3. Development of required features:

    Early market validation is essential to ride on the momentum of small concrete deliverable services. The four identifiable services having both technical and economic feasibilities are:

    1. Boardroom with Chat and TV channels for meeting over the Internet and/or local physical facilities.

    2. CoPub for self management of publishing having third party required resources as services.

    3. MuWeb that extends CoPub and other similar Businesses to promote Global Services - Local Presence.

    4. Cloud to enable cost-effective Web Site - having required managed services if needed - that everyone can have, riding on Cloud Free Resources for open sources and small operators.

    Items (1) and (2) are expected to take 1 year. Item (3) is the horizontal extension of (1) and (2) with concentration at the community market. It is expected to take 6 to 9 months before the market launch.

    Investment PR and Web execution are running in parallel to be ready for the second round of financing.

  4. Testing:


  5. Products Analysis:


  6. Development Strategy:

    Using Google and Git infrastructure of remote and distributed development, team members can be anywhere and can work at any time based on the agreed works and milestones. We currently have:

    1. 2 open source organizational projects that use Git distributed Version Control System (VCS) and proven Team Management for small or large system of a person or organization:
      • (1.1) https://git.com/dbgroups,
      • (1.2) https://git.com/budhnet.

    2. 6 bloggers to use for promotions and integration tests between blogger and Mu App:
      • (2.1) http://Blog.budhnet.com,
      • (2.2) http://MuOmSunyata.budhnet.com
      • (2.3) http://AwakeningBudh.budhnet.org,
      • (2.4) http://PrajnaMadhyamaka.budhnet.org,
      • (2.5) http://PrajnaTip.budhnet.org,
      • (2.6) http://PrajnaVihara.dbgroups.com,

    3. 8 YouTube channels to store videos:
      • (3.1) http://www.youtube.com/DBGROUPS,
      • (3.2) http://www.youtube.com/BudhNetCom,
      • (3.3) http://www.youtube.com/BudhNetOrg,
      • (3.4) http://www.youtube.com/MuOmSunyata,
      • (3.5) http://www.youtube.com/AwakeningBudh,
      • (3.6) http://www.youtube.com/PrajnaVihara,
      • (3.7) http://www.youtube.com/PrajnaMadhyamaka,
      • (3.8) http://www.youtube.com/PrajnaTIP

    4. 20 applications in appspot.com to test distributed cloud endpoints where each provides its own client-server services where client can be either real user or authorized robot that leverage available client and server services in the BudhNet Cloud which comprises of GAE infrastructure, GitHub services, and others.
      • (4.1) http://www.dbgroups.com/,
      • (4.2) http://invest.dbgroups.com/,
      • (4.3) http://www.budhnet.org/,
      • (4.4) http://club.budhnet.org/,
      • (4.5) http://coop.budhnet.org/,
      • (4.6) http://hub.budhnet.org/,
      • (4.7) http://mu.budhnet.org/,
      • (4.8) http://nfp.budhnet.org/,
      • (4.9) http://strategics.budhnet.org/,
      • (4.10) http://www.budhnet.com/,
      • (4.11) http://ai.budhnet.com/,
      • (4.12) http://copub.budhnet.com/,
      • (4.13) http://service.budhnet.com/, (Marketing/Sale)
      • (4.14) http://boardroom.budhnet.com/,
      • (4.15) http://hr.budhnet.com/,
      • (4.16) http://lifestyle.budhnet.com/, (Retreat)
      • (4.17) http://om.budhnet.com/,
      • (4.18) http://plan.budhnet.com/,
      • (4.19) http://team.budhnet.com/, (Building)
      • (4.20) http://cloud.budhnet.com/

    5. 6 twitter users for testing and integration:
      • @AwakeningBudh,
      • @SeekingTheOx,
      • @PrajnaVihara,
      • @BudhNetCom,
      • @BudhNetOrg,
      • @duong_batien.

    6. 1 facebook and 1 linkedin user for testing and integration.

    7. Other accounts at eBay, PayPal, IBM Partner, Microsoft, Oracle Developer, Industry Canada, UN Global Marketplace.

  7. Execution Strategy:

    Right Effort via [ Plan <> Execute < > Feedback ] - A workflow to drive 'the Right Thing to do' of the Vision or the Why. The workflow covers (1) How or 'the Right Way to do' i.e. best technologies to implement the Vision and (2) What or deliverable targets based on one's 'Unique Comparative Advantages'.

    • Right Mindfulness > Vision / Missions > Right Effort
    • Feedback > Right Effort, Right Mindfulness / Vision / Missions
    • Right Inner Peace <> Prajna (Wisdom) <> Right Mindfulness

  8. The Team:

    1. Project Director:

      Dr. Duong BaTien is the project Director, responsible to deliver the Project first milestone, expected from 2 - 2.5 years.

      Major works are in execution steps to build the best available teams on the friendly and compassionate culture of [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ] to enable creams of the creams floating up to form the core teams of BudhNet. We follow the spirit of open-source model where one enjoys on what one does best based on deliverable results where the company cushions part of financial risk for individual opportunity to prove one's point.

      • Specialized expertise globally recruited to remotely collaborate.

      • Canadian team for Canadian market.

      • Off-shore globally supported team.

    2. General manager:

    3. Technology manager:

    4. Financial manager:

    5. Business manager:

    6. Marketing manager:

    7. Business Advisor:

    8. Strategic Advisor:

  9. Possible Strategies:

    1. IT Service: Core team of MuOmSunyata.

      Dart and functional programming, data structure and management

      > GAE / GitHub and Blogger integration, Private cloud, [ Mu (App, Page, Gadget. E-pub) ]

    2. Security Service: Security team of MuOnSunyata.

      > Authentication-Authorization, encrypted token, PrivateNetwork, Space, Hub,

    3. Intelligence Serice: MicroData and RDFa, plus domain specialists

      > RDF database with Open Graph Protocol in Facebook, AI, BI, BPM

    4. Prajna Partners:

    5. MuWeb: Local Presence Global Business.

    6. Production and Support Centers: Distributed IT, Business Centres, etc.

      > Graphics, YouTube, Google App services and integration, Video / Audio

    7. PR System and Facilities: first targeting BudhNet and Investor communities; Mindful Communications and Collaborations.

      > BudhNet and Investor Public Relations.

  10. Performance metrics:

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are quantifiable measurements to monitor and assess performance. They help reduce complex performance information into a consumable format that allows entities to more easily assess performance by comparing KPIs to the entity's stated objectives. Produced by OASIS/ITU-T 9, the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) provides the common event format that ensures effective, seamless event processing. CAP specification defines an open, non-proprietary XML-based data format for exchanging alerts and notifications. Although initially intended for broadcasting public alerts and warnings, the format is flexible enough to apply to all event type messaging.

Resource Allocation

Resource allocation to meet the Project Plan in 2 scenarios:

  1. Do-It-Yourself:
  2. Investment Start-Up:


Monitoring metrics for:
  1. Development:
  2. Testing:
  3. Business Process System:
  4. Investor and PR system:
  5. Marketing-Sale System:
  6. Personal Development System:
  7. Awareness Development System:

Personal Development


Personal Value

Personal Value

Professional Positioning